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Chain Link Fencing In Imperial County

Economical Chain Link Fencing Installation in Imperial County

All Valley Fence Company started with chain link fence installations back in the day. Chain link fencing is the ultimate solution when you need strength and security. Chain link fences can be used in both commercial and residential applications.


Chain link fencing can be installed on almost any terrain, and its uses are endless:

  • Dog runs

  • Snake fencing

  • Shade screen

  • Ball fields

  • Batting cages

  • Tennis courts

  • Cable fencing

  • Pool fencing

  • Privacy vinyl slats

  • Custom gate and entry solutions

  • Razor ribbon

  • Barbed wire

Galvanized and Vinyl Coated Fabric Chain Link Fencing

Choose from either galvanized or vinyl-coated fabric for your chain link fence. The vinyl-coated option is great for areas with a lot of human or animal contact, and it's very popular in our coastal areas where the coating helps protect against rust.


We'll work with you to decide what will work best for your project and needs. We can custom fabricate any chainlink fence component and can help with anything you need — contact us today!

How to Maintain Your Chain Link Fence

  1. Inspect Your Chain Link Regularly: This should be done about once or twice a month. Look for missing or broken links, check the stability of the support posts and keep an eye out for rust.

  2. Treat Any Rust: If not fixed right away, rust can become a serious problem and completely ruin the integrity of your chain link fencing. If it is just a small spot, apply something like Rustoleum; if it is a larger area it may need replacement. This is why keeping a consistent eye out for any rust is extremely important.

  3. Keep It Clean: Dirt and debris will inevitably get stuck to the links in the fencing. A good hose down every once in a while will extend the life of your chain link fence.

  4. Align Your Gate: Make sure to check your gate alignment as it may shift over time. If it is indeed out of alignment, use tools to re-position and re-tighten the gate.


Efficient, flexible, and economical chain link fencing.

Call us at 760-355-7007 for FREE estimates on our chain link fencing services

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